Emamectina 0,855% (Benzoato) [SG] N.º Registro: 25353.

Insecticide of the avermectin family specific for the control of a wide spectrum of lepidopteran caterpillars such as cluster moths, pyral, heliotis, spodóptera, plusia, tuta, etc., on vine and various horticultural crops.

It acts by ingestion with a double mode of action, which makes it robust against resistance. The larvae quickly stop feeding, become paralyzed and finally die, while the larvae in the eggs die by breaking the chorion (ovi-larvicidal effect). Its high specificity and rapid degradation on the foliar surface increases compatibility with the use of beneficial insects, and is highly indicated when seeking to minimize residues at harvest.

It acts on the mechanism of contraction and relaxation of the muscles, causing a permanent blockage of the movement capacity. It quickly penetrates the interior of the plant due to its excellent vertical translaminar property, but it is not systemic. Its rapid photodegradation on the plant surface increases selectivity over beneficial arthropods.


Read the label, technical data sheet and safety data sheet of the product before use.