CYANTRANILIPROL 10% + ACIBENZOLAR-S-METIL 1,25% [SC] P/V Nº de Registro:ES-00096

MINECTO ALPHA is an insecticide and activator of plant defenses that, applied by foliar application or drip irrigation to control whitefly, thrips, Lepidopteran caterpillars, tuta and liriomyza, allows additionally to reduce the incidence of viruses in horticultural crops.

MINECTO ALPHA combines two active ingredients: cyantraniliprole and acibenzolar-S-methyl.

The active ingredient cyantraniliprole is an insecticide of the diamide family (IRAC group 28), which has a broad spectrum of action, translaminar properties and moves within the plant through the xylem.

The active ingredient acibenzolar-S-methyl is a systemic activator of the defenses of plants, which when applied preventively protects them from diseases and reduces the incidence of viruses.

On the one hand, thanks to its direct action on virus vectors and, on the other, by activating plant defenses, MINECTO ALPHA applications provide added protection against the spread of viruses in horticultural crops of greenhouse.


Read the label, technical data sheet and safety data sheet of the product before use.